The phenomenon of reality television..

Reality shows are a very important part of today's TV broadcasting, because of their high audience and influence in society in some specific aspects.

First of all, personally, I don't like reality shows, because it is just useless and doesn't lead to any teaching for viewers.
In general, they are very dumb and bottomless, and most of the times, they're fake and previously prepared, in order to set the suspense into the viewer, and make him keep on watching and following it continuously. 

I'll have to talk specifically about one show, probably, the most popular reality show around the world is called "Big Brother".
This show is based on putting a lot of unknown, apparently common people, into a big house to live together for a long time, in which they have to coexist and to do a lot of challenges. The members of the house nominate people between themselves in order to kick them out of the house. Then, as the nominates are defined, the viewer is the one who decides who is he going to save.

It is very difficult to believe that they are just living real life into the house, without any script, while they are being watched by several cameras all around the house and lots of viewers at the other side of the TV.

Like that one, there are lots of reality shows, and some of them are very popular, just like Jersey Shore, Survivor, American Idol, America's next top model, and there are several categories and types of topics, but basically they are all empty and pointless.
Reality Television is just a get-away for viewers from their own reality, but it isn't teaching them anything at all, it just make them dumber. 


  1. Congrats! Perfect use of capitalization. I liked the way you gave a critic on a specific show and told the audience what's it about. I can tell you have experience in writing blog entries. Here's your happy face: :D !


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